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Social Contacts not being generated from all Facebook posts

Problem Summary In a campaign that uses a Facebook fan page feed, you may not see new Social Contacts being generated from all posts.
Error Message Not applicable
Possible Cause New Social Contacts may not be created for all posts on a Facebook fan page because when Facebook is polled for new posts, it only returns the 25 most recent new posts. Therefore, if someone has made a post but it is not in the first 25 new posts since the last polling interval, no Social Contact will be created. This would be especially noticeable on Facebook fan pages with a high volume of activity.
Recommended Action Increasing the polling interval on the Feed Configuration page would poll more often and reduce the number of lost posts (but if the volume is high enough, Social Contacts could still be lost). The default polling interval is every 5 minutes.
Release SocialMiner release 8.5(x).
Associated CDETS # Not Applicable

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