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Firefox version 3.5 or later - Fully Supported

There are no known defects with this browser.

Internet Explorer version 8 or later - Not Supported

Known Issues:

  • There is a memory leak with the search/list UI shown in all of the configuration gadgets (Feeds, Configuration, Notifications, Filters). If IE is left open to one of these pages, it will eventually lock up after running out of memory. (This might take several hours.) This memory leak does not happen with the Home tab (Campaign Results)
  • Release 8.5(3) eventing (real time update of Social Contact states) does not work in IE 9.0. Users will have to hit refresh on the SocialMiner UI to get current state of social contacts.

Internet Explorer version 7 and earlier - Not Supported

  • You will not be able to access Cisco SocialMiner with this browser as the web server will block your browser.

Chrome - Not Supported

The Twitter Account authorization does not work with Chrome. The new browser tab with the page does not open. You cannot manually open it. You must use a different browser when setting up a Twitter Account Feed.

Safari - Not Supported

  • No known defects.

Definitions and Terminology

Supported: Tested by the Cisco development team and supported by Cisco TAC

Not Supported: This browser is not included in the Cisco testing process and errors in this browser will not be troubleshooted by TAC. If you do use this browser, then we encourage you to report defects by editing this page (Log in with your account and then click edit).

Blocked: The web server blocks this browser type

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