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SocialMiner system experiences intermittent network issues

Problem Summary SocialMiner systems running on all ESXi host versions may experience intermittent network issues. Examples of these issues include:

• Unable to perform Chat and a timeout error is presented to the user.

• User sees an error related to not receiving real time updates in the user interface.

Error Message Potential error messages that may be seen with this issue include:

• A timeout occurred loading the application. Refresh the browser or try again later. If problem persists, you may need to check your network connectivity.

• Your browser is currently not receiving real-time updates. Please try to refresh or contact your system administrator.

Possible Cause Large Received Offload (LRO) is not disabled on the host.
Recommended Action Check the ESXi "Net" settings and disable LRO on the host. LRO can be disabled on ESXi/ESX hosts using this procedure.

• Log in to the ESXi host or vCenter Server by using the vSphere Client.

• Navigate to the host in the inventory tree, and on the Configuration tab click Advanced Settings under Software.

• Select Net and scroll down until you reach parameters starting with Vmxnet.

• Set the following LRO parameters from 1 to 0:


• Reboot the ESXi/ESX host to apply the changes.

Release Release 9.0(x), 10.0(1), 10.5(1) 
Associated CDETS # None

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