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(Configure JAWS to recognize and announce highlighted text)
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Configure JAWS to recognize and announce highlighted text

Problem Summary In SocialMiner release 9.0(1), JAWS does not announce highlighted text.
Error Message None
Possible Cause JAWS is not configured to announce highlighted text.
Recommended Action Note: JAWS version 13 is supported using Firefox 12 on Windows XP.

Instructions on how to configure JAWS to recognize highlighted text:

1) On the JAWS Utilities tab, open the ‘JAWS Settings Center’.

2) Expand the ‘Speech and Sounds Schemes’ menu and click on the ‘Active Speech and Sounds Scheme’ option.

3) Select the scheme that you’ll be using or create a new scheme. Either way, click the ‘Modify Schemes…’ button.

4) In the ‘Modify Schemes’ dialog box, select either the scheme you want to modify (‘Edit Selected Scheme’) or create a new one (‘Create New Scheme’).

5) In the Edit Scheme dialog, open the ‘Attributes’ tab.

6) If ‘Highlight’ is not in this list, add it by clicking on the ‘Add’ button and checking the ‘Highlight’ checkbox. Click ‘Next >’ to select the attribute and click the ‘Speak Item’ radio button. Click the ‘Next >’ button and select ‘MessageVoice’ in the ‘Select Voice Alias’ dialog. Click ‘Next >’ to get to the ‘Optional Text’ dialog. Click the ‘Finish’ button. If you created a new scheme, you’ll need to save this scheme and make sure this scheme is set in the ‘Select Scheme:’ drop-down list.

7) Click ‘OK’ to close these open dialogs and exit the ‘JAWS Settings Center’.

Release 9.0(x) only
Associated CDETS # None

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