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== Supervisor Desktop Log ==
== Supervisor Desktop Log ==

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Supervisor Desktop Log

Problem Summary None.
Error Message None.
Possible Cause None.
Recommended Action The following trace statements are logged to the supervisor’s desktop log when the supervisor stops silent monitor. Note that the silent monitor call is torn down the same as an agent to agent call.
04/20/07 11:36:54.750  3040  SupervisorSoftphone  Thd(3536)  CCtiOsSession::MakeRequest: (SupervisoryAction:0 UniqueObjectID:agent.5000.101
     ClassIdentifier:1 AgentReference:agent.5000.102
04/20/07 11:36:54.828  3040  SupervisorSoftphone  Thd(3072)  CCtiOsSession::OnEvent( eCallConnectionClearedEvent ), EnablementMask = 68bf0006
04/20/07 11:36:54.875  3040  SupervisorSoftphone  Thd(3072)  CCtiOsSession::OnEvent, (AgentID:101 UniqueObjectID:agent.5000.101
     SilentMonitorInitiatingDeviceID:30001 SilentMonitorTargetDeviceID:30002
     SilentMonitorCallUID:call.5000.16786465.30001 SilentMonitorCallDisposition:0)
04/20/07 11:36:54.906  3040  SupervisorSoftphone  Thd(3072)  CCtiOsSession::OnEvent, (CallType:21 DeviceID:30001
     UniqueObjectID:call.5000.16786465.30001 CallStatus:0 MessageID:eCallEndEvent
Release Release 7.5(x)
Associated CDETS # None.

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