Silent Monitor: The monitored audio on the supervisor desktop is not clear

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The monitored audio on the supervisor desktop is not clear

Problem Summary The monitored audio on the supervisor desktop is not clear (frequent drop-outs or audio distortions).
Error Message None.
Possible Cause The supervisor softphone requires some CPU power to decode monitored audio packets in real time. If the CPU is used heavily by other applications on the supervisor's PC, the audio decoder may not have access to the CPU power required to keep up with incoming audio.
Recommended Action Here are some steps you can take to improve audio quality:
  1. Stop any unnecessary applications that are running on the supervisor's desktop machine.
  2. Open Windows Task Manager on the supervisor's machine and check for other applications that may be utilizing a large percentage of the machine's CPU.
  3. Check the tracing level on the Supervisor Desktop. Silent Monitoring is tuned to work well at the default tracing mask of 0x40000307. If the tracing level is set higher than the default, silent monitor audio quality may be impacted. Reduce the desktop trace mask to 0x40000307 or lower.
  4. An overloaded network may cause audio packets to be delayed or lost as they are sent from the agent to the supervisor. If a large number of audio packets are lost or do not arrive at the supervisor in a timely manner, monitored audio may be degraded. Check with your system administrator to determine whether you are having network bandwidth issues and fix any network problem.
Release Release 7.5(x)
Associated CDETS # None.

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