Silent Monitor: Session seems active but an error message is issued

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(Session seems active but an error message is issued)
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== Session seems active but an error message is issued ==
== Session seems active but an error message is issued ==

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Session seems active but an error message is issued

Problem Summary A supervisor has clicked the silent monitor start button, the session seems active (monitored indicator in the agent real-time status window for voice), but after a while an error message box appears:
Error Message Error Code = 0x1000000C: Silent Monitor session failed.

The workstation of the targeted agent is not receiving any voice from the IP phone. There are two possible causes for this problem 1) The agent selected for monitoring has logged on to a IP hardphone, which is not connected to the agent desktop system. 2) The network adapter card (NIC) on the agent desktop system is not compatible with Silent Monitor in a network environment, where data and voice are separated on different VLANs.

Please contact your system administrator.

Possible Cause
  • The agent’s desktop PC is not plugged into the second port of the hardphone.
  • The agent is logged into a device other than the hard phone to which his/her PC is connected.
  • The Phone is not sending the packets because the PC port is deactivated.
  • The PC cannot capture the voice packets sent from the phone.
Recommended Action If the system is off the network, you may want to check the Network settings on the phone. Also, future CallManager versions might support a setting on the phone configuration page to enable/disable voice packets on the PC port of the phone.

See Determining if a PC can capture audio packets sent from an IP phone.

Release Release 7.5(x)
Associated CDETS # None.

Rating: 3.0/5 (3 votes cast)

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