Sample Configuration Workflow for Deploying Cisco Unified Presence with Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

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Example Customer Scenario

This configuration example demonstrates how to set up an example UC deployment, in this case demonstrating how to set up the CUP server with the CUPC client. The configuration example is broken up into modules. The first module demonstrates how to set up a basic availability and IM only deployment. The second module demonstrates how to add voice functionality to your deployment. In this example, the customer that has purchased the UC solution is called Example Solutions Inc. Their domain name is called, illustrated below. Within the network, the following servers are deployed:

  • CUCM server, version 8.x
  • CUP server, version 8.x
  • Active Directory server/Postgres version X database

Example network.PNG

There are three users working in the company Example Solutions Inc. In the network, a PC is deployed for each of these three users. The user details are provided in the table below.

Example network users.PNG

MODULE 1: Deploying Availabilty and IM Functionality

Learn how to set up a basic availability and IM deployment...

MODULE 2: Adding Voice Functionality

Learn how to add voice to your deployment...

MODULE 3: [ Adding Voice Conferencing Functionality]]

Learn how to add voice conferencing to your deployment...

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