SIT Tone is Marked as Failed Call in RTR instead of Invalid Number

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Problem Summary SIT Tone is marked as failed call in RTR instead of Invalid number.
Error Message NA
Possible Cause UCCX handles SIT control messages and extracts the error codes from there. So, if gateway returns "404 Not found" for a SIT number, we mark it as invalid and in case of "service unavailable" message we mark it as a failed call.

If SIT tone is played after the call is connected, then SIT tone detection is not supported from gateway. This is treated as teleziper. Also, for invalid numbers, the detection don't always come from CPA event. They might come from other SIP error messages with cause code, such as 404. Hence, if the gateway sends "501 Service Unavailable" message for a SIT number, then UCCX marks this call as a FAILED call. This is expected behaviour.

Whereas if Gateway sends "404 Not Found" message to UCCX, then RTR displays the call result as "Invalid Number" for this call.

CPA is a supplement to signaling. NOT replacement of signaling. So in general, UCCX Dialer extracts some useful information from SIP control messages and accordingly displays it in RTR.

Recommended Action Enable SS_OB traces - all debug levels, in Cisco Unified CCX Serviceability Administration web interface to enable traces related to Outbound IVR. And check the error code in the SIP message for the SIT number.
Release Release 8.5(1)
Associated CDETS # CSCtk12687

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