RouterErrorCode= 66 - No default label available for dialed number %2 (ID %1).

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No default label available for dialed number %2 (ID %1).

Problem Summary Customer calls are dropped with out being treated by agents.

The Route Call Detail record will contain a RouterErrorCode 66, which is the message ID for the event. the event will show up in the Router Log Viewer on the Admin Workstation, the Webview Event Viewer, and in the Windows Application Event viewer on the Router.

Error Message No default label available for dialed number %2 (ID %1).
Possible Cause This is a generic error that indicates that the routing script fell through to its end with out routing the call to an agent and before the caller disconnected. This error isn't an error in itself. The fact that the script reaches point may be a business decision to filter out some callers based on staffing and resource availability, but it could also be an indicator of a scripting or configuration problem.
Recommended Action The first thing to do would be to look at the events generated by the Router from the Router Log Viewer on the AW, Webview Event Viewer, or Windows Application Event Viewer on the Router to see if there are other scripting or configuration errors.

The Route Call Detail record with the RouterErrorCode 66 will contain the Call Type ID so you can track the call back to specific scripts. It also contains the Final Node ID, if you turn on Node IDs in the Script Editor.

If the Routing Client is a VRU, you will be able to handle this more gracefully by playing an error prompt to the customer and using a Release node.

For the MR PG in Outbound Dialer deployments, it isn't unexpected to see this when an agent is in more than one active campaign skill group. The Dialer sends up reservation requests for all active campaign skill groups the agent is in, and only the first skill group will win. In any case, it is recommended to use the Release node to end the script to prevent the Error 66 from filling up the event logs.

You can NOT use a Release node if the routing client is the UCManager Agent PG.

It is generally not recommended to configure a label for the Default Route in CCE unless you have a back up solution to handle calls. Configuring the default route label may also mask underlying scripting or configuration issues.

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