RouterErrorCode=499 Call on dialed number %2 (ID %1) terminated for exceeded maximum queue time limit.

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RouterErrorCode - 499 - Call on dialed number %2 (ID %1) terminated for exceeded maximum queue time limit.

Problem Summary Callers are dropped after an hour in queue. Call Type reports will reflect this as an error. Route Call Detail record will contain a RouterErrorCode of 499 (this is the Event Message ID). Windows Event Viewer on the Router, the Router Log Viewer on the Admin Workstation, and the Webview Event Viewer will display the Event message below.
Error Message Call on dialed number %2 (ID %1) terminated for exceeded maximum queue time limit.
Possible Cause The default max queue time for CCE is one hour. If customers are in queue for longer periods of time because of under staffing of programs, the call will be dropped with this error. The call was sent to the default label if one is configured, although we do not recommend configuring default labels in CCE deployments.
Recommended Action Evaluate the MediaRoutingDomain.MaxQueueTime value for the MRD associated with the DialedNumber using the Media Routing Domain List tool in AW Config Explorer (this is blank by default). Increasing the MediaRoutingDomain.MaxQueueTime may also require increasing the value of the Router<Side>\Router\CurrentVersion\Configuration\Queuing\MaxTimeInQueue registry key on the Router, because the Router uses the lesser of the two settings.
Release CCE 7.5(1)
Associated CDETS # None.

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