RouterErrorCode=495 - Attempted to send call to agent %3 (ID %1) on peripheral %4 (ID %2) who has no device target.

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Attempted to send call to agent %3 (ID %1) on peripheral %4 (ID %2) who has no device target.

Problem Summary Calls to specific agents are failing to route there. Route Call Detail record may contain a Router Error Code of 495 which is the event message ID.

The Router Log Viewer on Admin Workstation, the Windows Event Viewer on the Router, the Router logs, and the Webview Event Viewer will show the error message described below.

Error Message Attempted to send call to agent %3 (ID %1) on peripheral %4 (ID %2) who has no device target.
Possible Cause The Router saw that the agent was available to take a call, and attempted to route to it, but it couldn't figure out how to route it there.

This is likely because the agent logged into a device that does not have an associated Device Target configured which means an implicit Device Target is created. For dynamic device targets, it is required to have an associated Agent Target Rule configured that will cover the range of extensions for agent devices.

Recommended Action Configure an agent targeting rule in the associated list tool on the Configuration Manager on the admin workstation.

If you alternately choose to add a device target, you will need to restart the PG to flush out the dynamic device target. Dynamic device targets can be avoided all together if you select the setting on the PG that requires static device targets.

Release 7.5(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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