Retry is not happening for abandoned, failed calls

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Problem Summary Retry is not happening for abandoned, failed calls
Error Message NA
Possible Cause NA.
Recommended Action 1. Check whether retries option is disabled in UI. Retries is considered disabled when the delay fields are set to 0.

MIVR logs will have the below statement in this case – processOutboundUpdateContactMsg: delay is set to 0, hence marked the record as CLOSED

2. If not 1, then check the 'max attempts to dial field' in appadmin - Calls will not be retried if they are have reached max attempt.

3. If not 2, then check the scheduled callback time for the retry calls in the MIVR logs – processOutboundUpdateContactMsg: delay is: <delay> processOutboundUpdateContactMsg: RETRIES_WITH_DELAY for : <dialinglistid> <callResult:> <callStatus: > New callbackDateTime set to: <callbackDate>

Note: The callbackDate in the above log will be displayed in GMT, hence it may not match the time in the log. Convert this to the server time and compare. If the callback date time is lapsed then this record will not be picked for retry. This record will be marked for immediate retry in the midnight.

Release Release 8.5(1)
Associated CDETS # NA

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