Reports show deleted agent as talking

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(Reports show deleted agent as talking)
(Reports show deleted agent as talking)
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[[Category:Unified CCX, Release 7.0, Release 8.0, Release 8.5]]
[[Category:Unified CCX, Release 7.0]]
[[Category:Unified CCX, Release 8.0]]
[[Category:Unified CCX, Release 8.5]]

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Reports show deleted agent as talking

Problem Summary An agent was deleted an year ago. He is still being shown as talking in reports when filtered by team
Error Message
Possible Cause The agent team was changed while he was talking and so the new records for the agent was written with new agentid. When filtered by previous team, the system is not able to find any logout record for the particular agentid and thinks that the agent is still in talking state.
Recommended Action Find the last agentid for that team for the particular agent and insert a dummy logout record with that agentid. Care should be taken to change the agent details while the agent is logged out.
Release 4.0
Associated SR # SR 614656285

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