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[[Category:Unified ICM/CCE & Hosted, Release 7.5]]
[[Category:Unified ICM/CCE & Hosted, Release 7.5]]
[[Category:Unified CCE, Release 8.0]]
[[Category:Unified CCE, Release 8.0]]
[[Category:Unified ICM/Contact Center Enterprise & Hosted | Troubleshooting]]

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Reports Data Mismatch issues

  • Analyze reports data from Event History (egpl_event_history_casemgmt table) and summary tables for each report (refer DB Schema Guide for Unified EIM / Unified WIM for reporting summary table/column names).
  • Verify Summary job execution status (query egplr_scheduled_task_status table of Active DB to determine the status of each summary job script).
  • Verify summary job status in SQL Enterprise Manager (enabled/disabled).
  • Verify summary job schedule in SQL Enterprise Manager.

Other Reports Debugging Steps

  • Increase logging level for to FINEST in <Unified EIM / Unified WIM Install Dir>/config/, for debugging reports issues.
  • Ensure that Reports service is running from the Unified EIM / Unified WIM System Console.

Single Points of Failure:

  • The following components are SPOFs in the system.
    • Remote Session Manager
    • License Manager
    • Primary Application Server
    • Service Server

  • If one or more of the above components fail, Cisco Service would need to be restarted on all servers except the DB server from the NT Services Panel. Logs to analyze to determine root cause of failure are:
    • <Unified EIM / Unified WIM Install Dir>/logs/0_pid_bo_log.txt (for Services server/License Manager issues)
    • <Unified EIM / Unified WIM Install Dir>/logs/1_pid_bo_log.txt (for Primary Application Server issues)
    • <Unified EIM / Unified WIM Install Dir>/logs/0_pid_dsm_log.txt (for Services server/DSM issues)

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