Reporting Server: CVP Error Log

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Reporting Server: CVP Error Log

Problem Summary What do these error log entries mean?
Error Message
  • -710 errors
  • -239 Errors
  • -271 Errors
Possible Cause
  • For -710 errors, one thread of the reporting subsystem is not disconnecting at purge time, and its prepared statements are out of date after a purge.
  • For -239 errors, Fake New Call entries are listed in the error log. This is not a fatal error and can be safely ignored.
  • For -271 errors, the database disk is full. Verify through OAMP DBDetails. Purge has probably not been run for some time.
Recommended Action
  • For -710 errors, add a scheduled task to stop the reporting server one minute before the purge starts. Add a second scheduled task to restart the reporting server five minutes after the purge has started. This means a total adding four new scheduled tasks, as the purge runs twice daily.
  • For -239 errors, N/A.
  • For -271 errors. Run the purge. WARNING, if purge has not been run, then data has been collecting into the remainder fragment which will eventually purge off with a subsequent loss of all data stored therein.
Release Release 7.0(2)
Associated CDETS # None

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