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Configure LDAP (Active Directory) for user authentication

Problem Summary To Configure LDAP server for CUIC .
Sample parameters Various
Tips The report of view is incorrect or incomplete
Recommended Action Host Address for Active Directory Server:
port: 389 
"Use SSL" is not checked \
Host Address for Redundant Active Directory Server:
Manager Distinguished Name: CN=Administrator, CN=Users, DC=myCompany, DC=com 
Manager Password: <password for user administrator> 
User Search Base: CN=Users, DC=myCompany, DC=com 
Attribute for User ID: sAMAccountName 
Tip 1: The values of OU could be case sensitive. 
Tip 2: The max number of characters cannot exceed 85. 
Release Release 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

Sample value 2 for Manager Distinguished Name: CN=user1,OU=icm8,OU=UCCE80,OU=Cisco_ICM_domain,DC=UCCE80,DC=cisco,DC=com Sample value 3 for Manager Distinguished Name: CN=testuser,OU=Employees,OU=Cisco Users,DC=cisco,DC=com

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