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Calls counted as errors in Call Type reports

Problem Summary Call Type reports show calls being counted as errors.
Error Message None
Possible Cause This is typically due to scripting or configuration errors.

These events include:

  • An error occurs in the script and a default route is not configured.

Examples of script errors include:The calls enters a loop in the script and is executed in more script nodes than the configuration allows and a default label does not exist. A call is queued for longer than the maximum queue time.

  • A call in progress at the agent might encounter a voice network error.
  • The IVR or other routing client reports an error while it is attempting to process the route selection like destination not available.
Recommended Action To debug configuration errors in routing scripts, refer to error messages available in the Router Log Viewer on the AW, the Webview Event Viewer, or the Windows Application Event Viewer on the Router node.

Also, the RouterErrorCode in the Route Call Detail record contains the message ID that corresponds to the system event generated and propagated to the RouterLogViewer, Webvew Event Viewer, and Windows Application Event table. The Route Call Detail record will also contain the Call Type ID and Script ID for where the error was encountered. You can look up the errors using the icm.hlp in the icm\bin directory on the AW using CallRouter as the component, but it is probably just easier to debug using one of the other 3 event viewers referenced above. Also note, RouterErrroCode 448 typically isn't a problem and just means the caller hung up before the call was connected to an agent.

If an error is reported after a call is routed to the agent, the Termination Call Detail record will contain a CallDispositionFlag of 4 indicating an error. The CallDisposition is typically 26 (voice network error) or 27 (software processing error).

Configuring a Default Route is usually not a good idea in a CCE environment as it just masks scripting errors.

Release Release 7.5(1) and 8.0.
Associated CDETS # None.

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