Reporting: The Imported Report is Associated with the Wrong Data Source

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Reporting: The Imported Report is Associated with the Wrong Data Source

Problem Summary When you imported reports, you associated them with the incorrect data source.

Note that the data source points to the database that populates the report. For example, the data source for the cuicdatabase points to the internal database that might be used to populate a custom report that shows system errors. This cuicdatabase could not populate the stock Agent Real Time report - agent data is stored in the Unified ICM/CC database.

Error Message When you run the report, you see a message indicating that there is an error in the dataset.
Possible Cause You made an incorrect selection in the data source dropdown. For example, you selected the cuicdatabase when you imported the stock templates.
Recommended Action You have two options:

If you have a premium license and the Report Definition Designer role, you can access the report definition for each imported report and change the data source in the report definition.

You can delete the imported report(s) and re-import them, selecting the correct data source.

Release Release 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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