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== Reporting: 'Connection Dropped CUIS Application Pool' Message ==
== Reporting: 'Connection Dropped CUIS Application Pool' Message ==

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Reporting: 'Connection Dropped CUIS Application Pool' Message

Problem Summary A message indicating that the connection has been dropped is logged in the Httperr.log file. This occurs while a reporting is loading.
Error Message Connection_Dropped CUIS Application Pool
Possible Cause IIS/Browser issue.
Recommended Action Enable the Recycling setting in the CUIS Application Pool as follows:
  • Navigate to: Computer Management > Services and Applications > IIS Manager > Application Pools > CUIS Application Pool.
  • Right-click CUIS Application Pool and select "Properties".
  • Check "Recyle worker process at the following times".
  • Enter a time when few users are likely to be connected.

Note that users who have run an ad-hoc report at the time of the recycle will see this message when the report is refreshed: "The realtime subsystem has been cleared. In order to continue viewing the report you must re-filter it". In this situation, the user must launch the report once again. Note also that reports in the Dashboard will miss a refresh cycle during recycle.

Release Release 7.5(x)
Associated CDETS # None

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