Reporting: Agent-initiated calls that result in Prompt Play

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Reporting: Agent-initiated calls that result in Prompt Play

Problem Summary Agent-initiated calls that result in prompt play cannot easily be reported on.
Error Message Not applicable.
Possible Cause The DNIS for these calls is a combination of the Network VRU label and a correlation ID and is therefore unique for each call.
Recommended Action It is the responsibility of the customer IT administrator to be familiar with the Unified ICM configuration and to know that the EAPIM routing client's VRU label prefixed with a unique correlation id represents a consultative call into Unified CVP from a Unified Contact Center agent.

While running Unified CVP reports with the Unified IC reporting application, be aware of the unique DNIS for these calls. If you are searching for warm transfer calls with specific DNIS, you must create a SQL query that does not perform an absolute search on a specific DNIS. For example:

Select * from call where DNIS like <VRU Label>%


Select * from call where DNIS like %<correlation id>

The first query cited is the more efficient.

Please refer to section "Using the Unified ICME Warm Consult Transfer/Conference to Unified CVP Feature with a Type 10 VRU" in the [Configuration and Administration Guide] [ for details on this configuration.

Release Release 7.0(2); Release 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS # CSCsu59014 and CSCta18580

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