Report Execution Fails with Database Error

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Report Execution Fails with Database Error

Problem Summary

Report execution fails with Error message on UI :Dataset status is Failed (Database error).

Error Message DbException: For database host….

Possible Cause

This may be due to connectivity issues with Unified CCX Datasource.

Recommended Action
  • Go to the Data Source page in Cisco Unified Intelligence Center.
  • Check the status of the Unified CCX datasource.
  • If it is offline, validate it with the CCX Database service status as shown in CCX Serviceability.
  • If DB service is running but the datasource appears offline, log in to Cisco Unified Intelligence Center as the Application Administrator, click Edit Datasource and verify the datasource configuration.
  • Do not update any parameter in the Edit Datasource page. Instead, to reconfigure the datasource to point to the proper values, go to AppAdmin > Tools > Historical Reporting > Reporting Configuration, and then click Update without changing any configuration. This resets the datasource with proper configuration.
Release Release 9.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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