Redirected call is disconnected

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Redirected call is disconnected

Problem Summary A redirected call disconnects or a redirected call does not ring the IP phone to which it was directed.
Error Message None.
Possible Cause Some gateways do not support ringback.
Recommended Action

Reconfigure the gateway and protocols so that they will support ringback.

Following are the gateways and the protocol for each gateway (note that the protocol is in parentheses):

  • 26XX FXO (Media Gateway Control)
  • 36XX FXO (36XX FXO Media Gateway Control)
  • VG200 FXO (Media Gateway Control)
  • DT-24+ (Skinny)
  • WS-6608-T1—[Cat6K 8-port T1 PRI] (Skinny)
  • WS-6608-E1 [Cat6K 8-port E1 PRI] (Skinny)
  • DE-30+ (Skinny)
  • AT-2, 4, 8 (AT-2, 4, 8 —)
Release Release 7.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None.

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