Recover from Pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del During Power-On

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Validate Network Adapter Settings and Power On initializes the customization process. Although you are prompted to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete after powering on, doing do prevents the customization from taking effect. DO NOT press Ctrl-Alt-Del. If you inadvertently press Ctrl-Alt-Del, you have the following option to restore the customization.


Step 1 Get the GoldenTemplate_VMDataSheet.xls from the C:\GoldenTemplateTool\Archive.

Step 2 Copy and paste the GoldenTemplate_VMDataSheet.xls to C:\GoldenTemplateTool.

Step 3 In the GoldenTemplate_VMDataSheet.xls select No in all the rows for the column CREATEVM except for those which needs to re-deploy.

Step 4 Else, you can enter that data manually for the VM.

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