RTMT: Unified RTMT connected to secondary node, does not show alarm information if the primary node is down

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RTMT does not show alarm info if the primary node is down

Problem Summary The Unified Real Time Monitoring Tool (Unified RTMT) is connected to the secondary node, but after logging in to RTMT, alarm information is not shown. Instead, an error is reported.
Error Message Error polling alert status - AMC service is down
Possible Cause By default, the Primary Collector for the Alert Manager and Collector Service (AMC) is configured on the primary node, and the Failover Collector is not active. If the primary node is down, there is no available collector to which RTMT can connect. 
Recommended Action

  1. When both nodes are in service, sign in to MediaSense Administration on the Primary node, and then enter: https://<ip address>:8443/ccmadmin/serviceParamEdit.do in the browser address field to access the Unified CM server parameter configuration page.
  2. Activate the Failover Collector for the Cisco AMC service.
Release  All.
Associated CDETS #  CSCtx41763

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