Phones Moving Between Clusters

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Phones Moving Between Clusters

The following scenario explains how Cisco ER clusters work and how Cisco ER treats phones moving between clusters:

  • Server Group A (SGA) has a phone (Phone_1) that is moving out of SGA.
  • Cisco ER discovers Phone_1 in Server Group B (SGB).
  • The Unlocated Phones page in SGA will display the phone in SGB.
  • If both the Cisco ER servers (Publisher and Subscriber) in SGB go down, SGA will still display Phone_1 in SGB.
  • Calls made from Phone_1 during this time will be redirected to SGB and Cisco ER will take the same steps to route this emergency call when Cisco ER servers are not there in SGB.
  • Phone_1 will also be treated like any other phone in SGB when both the SGB Cisco ER servers are down.
  • If Phone_1 moves to Server Group C (SGC):
  • It will be discovered after the next incremental phone tracking on SGA and then in SGC.
  • The Unlocated Phones page will change the association of Phone_1 to SGC.
  • If Phone_1 moves back to SGA, it will be discovered in the next incremental phone tracking and displayed under the corresponding switch port.

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