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Not Load-Balancing
If mode monitor both or mode monitor active throughput, is the probe responding?
show oer border act

and look for # of comps

No > If the # of comps = 0, the probe might be not responding for example, across internet and probe might drop.

Try configure

monitor mode passive
Are all the desired link configured as external interfaces?
show oer master border detail
Are there routes via all external interfaces? Default route is good enough.
Is mode route control configured?
show oer master policy
No > Configure mode route control.
Is Range the highest policy and utilization is the second highest? By default, delay is priority 11, range is priority 12 and utilization is priority 13.
show oer master policy

to check the resolver priority

No > Configure range to be the highest priority and utilization the second highest.
If this is learned traffic, check that PfR has learned all the traffic
show oer master
show oer master traffic-class learn
No > Refer to the module learning for debug steps - Troubleshooting Learning
It also could be because pfr was unable to find one or more traffic classes to move around to balance the load.

The bw occupied by individual traffic classes in some cases could be such that the load could never be balanced when they are moved around. In such a case, look to relax the configured range a little bit ('max-range-utilization <x>') to give PfR a little bit more operating room when trying to balance them.

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