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Fast mode - The voice traffic is not rerouted fast enough
Is traffic-class controlled by PfR?
show oer master traffic-class

should show the traffic-class in HOLDDOWN, INPOLICY and OOPOLICY

No > If the traffic-class remains in DEFAULT, refer to the debug steps in module Best Exit Selection
Is changing the probe frequency to 10 fix the problem? Yes > PfR should work with original probe frequency. So, it would be good to find out at what frequency this starting to break and collect the show outputs and send the information to cisco.
Is there an Out-of-Policy event? (Make sure logging is configured under oer master)
show logging | i <prefix>
No > Verify PfR is measuring the path correctly by executing
show oer master traffic-class 


show oer master traffic-class detail
Is the probe on all the BRs?
show oer border active 

on all BRs. The # of Compls should be non-zero

No > Go to module Active Probe not working for each BR.
Is the correct policy apply to the traffic-class and the correct policy threshold configured?
show oer master prefix <prefix/prefix len> policy
No > Configure the correct policy and policy threshold.

Also, verify that the probe target is configured.
In addition, certain measurements, such as MOS, require to configure the jitter probe. On the probe target, router, verify ip sla responder is configured.

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