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Troubleshooting PfR Exit Mismatch
Exit Mismatch
Step 1. Is the TC controlled by MC sometimes?
show oer master tr | b <prefix> 

on MC. Make a note of the controlling BR and output interface when TC is in HOLDDOWN or INPOLICY

Is PfR route properly installed?
show ip route or
show route-map dynamic/
show ip access-list dynamic

on controlling BR and non-controlling BRs.

Does Neflow entry has the correct output interface?
show ip cache flow

on controlling BR should show output interface to be the same as step 1

No> Is PfR control the TCs via PBR?
show oer master tr | b <prefix>

on MC to show if the TCs are controlled using PBR.

No> Is the forwarding interface the same as step 1?
show ip cef <prefix>

on controlling BR. On the non-controlling BRs, also check the fowarding interface.

Yes Find out why the forwarding interface and Netflow reported interface are different.
Yes Yes No
Is Netflow entry expiring on time?
debug oer master collector netflow

on MC will show when the netflow statistics arrive.

Is the number of packets/bytes incrementing for the policy that matches the TC?
show route-map dyanmic

on controlling and non-controlling BRs should show the fowarding statistics for the policy routing.

No> Find out why PfR chosen interface is not the same as the forwarding interface
Find out why the forwarding interface and the netflow reported interface is different.

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