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Traffic either did not move as expected or it picked the link not expected
Is traffic-class under PfR’s control?
show oer master traffic-class

should show traffic-class in either HOLDDOWN, INPOLICY or OOPOLICY.

Yes > Go to the module Traffic-class picked the link not expected.
Is active monitoring enabled?
Yes No
Is there at least one probe target assigned to the prefix?
show oer master active 


show oer master active force
Is there active traffic to and from the prefix?

Check on the BR.

  • If you use Netflow, check:
show ip cache verbose flow
  • or if you use Flexible Netflow, check:
sh flow monitor MYMONITOR cache format table
Yes Yes
Enable debug oer master prefix detail or/and debug oer master prefix application detail.

Enable debug message generates syslog message.
Make sure logging is configured under oer master.

Is debug output indicates that the prefixes are unreachable? Yes Go to BR and ping the probe destination to verify connectivity.
Is debug output indicates that the probes are failing? Yes Go to Active Probe module
Go to the module Traffic-class picked the link not expected.

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