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Active Probe is not working
Is jitter probe, tcp-conn probe or udp-echo probe configured for the traffic-class? Yes > Some measurements, for example, jitter, requires ip sla responder configured on the probe target.
  • Is ip sla responder configured on the probe target for jitter ?
  • and udp-echo and ip sla responder tcp-conn port <port> for tcp-conn?
show run | inc ip sla

on the probe target.

Does the MC have the probe assignment?
show oer master active


show oer master active force

to verify the probe is assigned

No > Check the MC configuration to verify the probe configuration.
Is there a parent route on BR for the probe destination?
show ip route
No > Configure one or find out why there isn’t one.
Is the probe created on the BR?
show oer border active


show ip sla statistics

on BR

No > debug oer border active on BR.

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