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Performance Routing (PfR) has many features, provides many services and has a great flexibility.
This page lists the most common deployment scenarios.


PfR Phase 3 (PfRv3) - Next Generation PfR

PfRv3 is a major new release of Cisco Performance Routing. Please check the PfRv3 home page and solution guides:

PfR Phase 2 - Using PfR with latest simplification enhancements (Target Discovery, Simplification)

IOS 15.2(3)T and IOS-XE 3.6 and later support significant simplification enhancements, including Target Discovery and better default behavior.

See PfR Simplification for more information.

PfR Phase 1 - Using PfR before the simplification enhancements

Using IOS 15M/T or IOS-XE 3.x before IOS 15.2(3)T and IOS-XE 3.6

Enterprise Intranet Solution Guides:

Internet Edge Solution Guides:

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