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General Rule:

  • The major version numbers need to be the same
  • The minor version of the BR needs to be less than or equal to the minor version of the MC for a connection to be established (It can be more than one version away).

  • Cisco 7600
IOS Release MC Version BR Version
12.2(33)SRE 3.0 3.0

  • ISR, 7200
IOS Release MC Version BR Version
15.0(1)M 3.0 3.0
15.1(1)T 3.0 3.0
15.1(2)T 3.0 3.0
15.1(3)T 3.0 3.0
15.1(4)M 3.0 3.0
15.2(1)T (future) 3.1 3.1
15.2(2)T (future) 3.1 3.1

  • ASR 1000
IOS-XE Release IOSd Release Est. Release Date MC Version BR Version
2.6.2 (RLS6) N/A N/A N/A 3.0
3.1.1 (RLS7) 15.0(1)S July 2010 N/A 3.0
3.2.0 (RLS8) 15.1(1)S Nov 2010 N/A 3.0
3.3.0 (RLS9) 15.1(2)S March 2011 3.1 3.1
3.4.0 (RLS10) 15.1(3)S July 2011 tbd tbd
3.5.0 (RLS11) 15.2(1)S tbd tbd tbd

Forward Looking Disclaimer

Many of the products and features described herein remain in varying stages of development and will be offered on a when-and-if-available basis. This roadmap is subject to change at the sole discretion of Cisco, and Cisco will have no liability for delay in the delivery or failure to deliver any of the products or features set forth in this document. Any forward looking information within this document is subject to change by Cisco.

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