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Performance Routing Feature Names

If you are looking in Cisco Feature Navigator (FN) for all the feature names in for Performance Routing (PfR), there are three keywords you should look for and those are "OER", "PFR", and "Performance Routing".

Here is the list of PfR feature names as of June, 2010:

FN Keyword Full Feature Name Syntax
OER OER - Application Aware Routing with Static Application
OER OER - Inbound Optimization thru BGP
OER OER - MC Support for Cat6k Phase1
OER OER - Voice Traffic Optimization
OER OER Border Router Only Functionality
OER OER Port and Protocol Based Prefix Learning
OER OER Support for Cost Based Optimization and Traceroute Reporting
OER OER Support for Policy-Rules Configuration and Port-Based Prefix Learning
OER OER VPN IPsec/GRE Tunnel Optimization
Performance Routing Performance Routing - Application Interface
Performance Routing Performance Routing - Link Groups
Performance Routing Performance Routing with NBAR/CCE Application Recognition
PfR PfR - Protocol Independent Route Optimization (PIRO)
PfR PfR EIGRP mGRE DMVPN Hub-and-Spoke support

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