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Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise (Packaged CCE) is a predesigned, bounded deployment model of Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise. Customers whose contact center requirements fit the boundaries of the solution can enjoy the advantages of the simplified management interface, smaller hardware footprint, and reduced time to install. These customers can also benefit from the comprehensive feature set of Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise and Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal. The solution comes packaged with Cisco Unified Intelligence Center for comprehensive reporting and Cisco Finesse desktop software for an enhanced, next-generation desktop experience.

This wiki page consolidates and catalogs the resources that are available for Packaged CCE.


Packaged CCE Sales Enablement

Cisco Sales and Partner Access Only

  • Partner Community - Sales enablement material for Cisco field and Cisco partners, including sales and technical presentations, sample BOM, screenshots, etc.
  • Ordering Guide - Cisco Customer Contact Solutions Ordering Guide.

Packaged CCE Technical Documentation

  • All Technical Documents - Link to the top-level folder for Packaged CCE guides.
  • Product Specifications – Details the design, software / hardware requirements and capacity limits for Packaged CCE.
  • Installation and Configuration Guide – Explains how to install Packaged CCE, including both Golden Template cloning method and Direct Install method.
  • Administration Guide - Explains Unified CCE Administration tools and the Packaged CCE interfaces with Unified CCE reporting, scripting, and Configuration Manager.
  • Optional Features Guide - Explains how to configure optional features available on Packaged CCE such as Outbound Option, Mobile Agent, Agent Greeting, etc.
  • Developer Guide - Link to the API documentation on the Cisco Developer Network.
  • Release Notes - New features, notes, and defect resolutions for each release.
  • Troubleshooting – Troubleshooting Tips for Packaged CCE are a sub-section of Troubleshooting Tips for Unified CCE.

Packaged CCE Training Videos

Short Training Videos

Extended Training Sessions

Packaged CCE Discussion Forums

Packaged CCE Developer Community

  • Cisco Developer Network – Developer Community for Packaged CCE, documents APIs and provides a discussion forum for registered developers to interact.

Packaged CCE Software Downloads

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