PGW: Delay in failover causes additional dropped calls

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PGW: Delay in failover causes additional dropped calls

Problem Summary During a PGW outage (power, network connectivity, and/or system failure), there is a delay in fail-over to the standby PGW that causes additional calls to drop. Multiple PGW 2200 are setup to support active/standby fail-over.
Error Message N/A
Possible Cause Reduce the amount of invite attempts during failure to make the fail-over process more consistent.
Recommended Action Configure the proper PGW SIP profile settings for invite attempts.

numan-add:cause:custgrpid="<Dial plan group identifier name>",causevalue=221,setname="<Result set name>"
prov-ed:profile:name="<SIP incoming profile name>",*.InviteAttempts="2"
prov-ed:profile:name="<SIP outgoing profile name>",*.InviteAttempts="2"

Release PGW 9.8(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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