PGW: Blind transfer ringtone cannot be heard

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PGW: Blind transfer ringtone cannot be heard

Problem Summary When a caller is blind transferred to another IP agent, the caller cannot hear the ringtone media playing. If the destination agent does not answer, after a period of time the call eventually drops. An IP agent (via a Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) managed IP phone) blind transfers a PSTN caller to another IP agent.
Error Message N/A
Possible Cause The MGCP message interpretation behavior is incorrect on the IOS Media Gateway and additional configuration is needed.
Recommended Action 1. Configure the proper IOS Media Gateway MGCP settings for MGCP message behavior.

mgcp behavior mode-attrb-in-sdp disable
no voice-fastpath enable
mgcp behavior mdcx-sdp ack-with-sdp

Release PGW 9.8(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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