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Unified ICM Gateway: PIM not activating

Problem Summary The Gateway PIM does not ativate and remains in the transient state. The title bar of the PIM process displays the current state. ACTIVATING is a transient state and should switch to ACTIVE once the runtime has been started.
Error Message None.
Possible Cause The Gateway PG is a part of Unified ICM and is prone to ICM configuration errors that are unrelated to the Unified Expert Advisor. If the PG never goes into the ACTIVATING state (ACTIVATING is a transient state), then focus on finding out Unified ICM configuration errors.
Recommended Action
  • Check that the Peripheral and logical controller number correctly match between ICMSETUP(icm\bin\setup.exe) and those in the PG explorer.
  • Are you looking at the right side (if the PG is duplexed)? The non active side will always beIDLE or CONFIGURED.
  • Is the Expert Advisor runtime of the side in question up and ready to accept connections? Ifnot, then investigate the problem on the runtime by analyzing the log file(s), starting theservice, and so forth.
Release Release 7.6(1).
Associated CDETS # None.

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