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== Autoconfig errors ==
== Autoconfig errors ==

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Autoconfig errors

Problem Summary b} directory, for example C:\icm\icm\pg1A), where icm is the instance name.
Error Message None.
Possible Cause Generally, it indicates what the problem is, for example, a duplicate enterprise name. If it is a duplicate enterprise name it usually results from either a duplicate name on Unified Expert Advisor (change it), or old unused records on Unified ICM that have not beenpurged.
Recommended Action Examine the autoconfigerror.txt file.

Periodically delete all deleteable records from the agent, skill group, and service explorer. After deleting them, permanently delete them using the Deleted Objects tool. This tool can be found under ConfigureICM/Administration. Select the items and then select 'Delete Permanently'.

Note Note: After deleting deleted-objects, restart the PG to correct any errors.

Not purging deleted objects is acceptable, but realize that those items that had errors are not configured and may have an impact on routing (generally limited to configuration errors on skill groups/Assignment Queues).

Release Release 7.6(1).
Associated CDETS # None.

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