Outbound reservation call results in error message

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Outbound reservation call results in error message

Problem Summary When the agent receives an outbound reservation call, Agent Desktop displays an error message. Agent Desktop automatically cancels the outbound reservation call and changes the agent state to Not Ready. The agent debug log contains the following message: “DESK1051: Agent received an outbound option reservation without proper buttons. Canceling the reservation.”
Error Message System Error. To correct this problem, please see your administrator. Error code = 1051.
Possible Cause Agent Desktop is not configured correctly to receive Outbound Dialer calls.
Recommended Action There are two configurations necessary for an agent to process the Outbound Dialer calls:
  • The agent must be assigned to the CSQ that is handling the Outbound Dialer calls.
  • The work flow group to which the agent is assigned must be configured to include the Outbound Dialer toolbar.

See the Cisco Desktop Administrator User Guide for more information on configuring Outbound Dialer calls.

Release CAD Unified CCX 8.5
Associated CDETS # None.

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