Outbound Subsystem is Out Of Service

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(Outbound Subsystem is OUT OF SERVICE)
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Outbound Subsystem is OUT OF SERVICE

Problem Summary The Outbound Subsystem is Out Of Service
Error Message None
Possible Cause For the Outbound Subsystem to be IN SERVICE, the RmCm Subsystem as well as the Cisco Unified CCX Database service should be IN SERVICE.
Recommended Action On a Standalone setup, check the status of the 'RmCm Subsystem' and 'Cisco Unified CCX Database'.

On a High Availability setup, check the status of the RmCm Subsystem on the master node and the status of the 'Cisco Unified CCX Database' service on the Publisher node; Outbound SS will be in service if both these services are in service. Also, check that the Number of Outbound seats is greater than zero in the System Parameters Configuration page.

Release Release 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS # CSCsz50979

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