Outbound Option - Import Problems: Import process fails to import phone numbers with 10 digits

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Import process fails to import phone numbers with 10 digits

Problem Summary Import process fails to import phone numbers with 10 digits
Error Message la-baImport Trace: Building dialing list for Campaign [ICM_SRN_BA_CAMP] and QueryRule [ICM_SRN_BA_CAMP]

la-baImport Trace: Removing all records in Dialing List table: [DL_5004_5087 ]
la-baImport Trace: All records from table [DL_5004_5087 ] have been removed
la-baImport Trace: Truncating dialing list table DL_5004_5087
la-baImport Trace: Completed removing Campaign: [ICM_SRN_BA_CAMP], QueryRule: [ICM_SRN_BA_CAMP] contact records from dialing list
la-baImport Trace: Reseeding table with sql command: DBCC CHECKIDENT('DL_5004_5087 ', RESEED, 73)
la-baImport Trace: Failed to build dialing list from table: import
la-baImport Failed to build dialing list from table [import].
la-baImport Trace: Closing the Database

Possible Cause Import process fails to import the customer list when the customer phone numbers are 10 digits long, with phone numer greater than 2147483647 and the 'rule clause' mentioned in Query rule has any arithmetic operators    Ex: Phone01>0
Recommended Action
  • The query rule clause needs to be modified such that it will not have arithmetic operators when importing records having phone numbers greater than 2147483647
  • In case if there are any arithmetic operators required for numbers greater than 2147483647 then a manual typecast needs to be provided in the query rule clause
  • Ex: Query Rule clause Phone01>0 can be modified as Cast(Phone01 AS BIGINT)>0
  • If the requirement is to check whether a Phone number field exists, the following clause can be used:( Phone01 is not null )
Release Release 7.0(1),7.5(1)
Associated CDETS # CSCsz89302

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