Outbound Option - Dialing Problems: SIP Dialer - Customer phones rings and gets disconnected immediately

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Customer phone rings and gets disconnected immediately

Problem Summary SIP Dialer normally expects 183 Session in Progress(PI) rather than 180 ringing from Gateway for the call to be established
Error Message N/A
Possible Cause 1 1)Incorrect gateway configuration
Recommended Actionc1 Following are the supported configurations.

1)If end customer IP phones, have another Gateway, back to back via T1 SIP Dialer ->GW1 ->GW2 ->UCM ->IP phones
2)With Analog phones, the PSTN line must be connected to the Gateway

Possible Cause 2 The Provider or the switch does not forward the Progress Indicator (183 Session in Progress)message to the gateway for the corresponding dial peer.
Recommended Action 2 1) Check whether the 183 Session in Progress is forwarded to the Dialer.

2) Enable the dial peer in the gateway to send out the 183 by using the following command: progress_ind alert enable 8

Release Release 8.0
Associated CDETS/Case # 614210971

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