Outbound Option - Dialing Problems: Customer Call terminated - begin call event never received

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Outbound Option - Dialing Problems: Customer Call terminated - begin_call event never received

Problem Summary Customer attempts are disconnected prematurely with the error message snippet provided in the title and Error Message shown below.

The background on this is that the SCCP Dialer monitors the call two ways. First, it controls the call via the SCCP interface to the UCManager. Second, the Dialer also monitors the call via the PG / CTI Server.

In this scenario, the call is placed via SCCP, but the Service Initiate event indicating the call was started is not seen even after 7 seconds. There are a couple of different things that could be happening here. If it is a new install and recent changes, it is likely to be a mis-configuration. If it happens under load, then it could obviously be a load related issue. But it could also be a software defect.

Error Message Dialer trace logs will show this error message.

dialer-baDialer Trace: (PDD) Customer Call terminated - begin_call event never received: port: 0xx, state: DIAL_CUSTOMER

Possible Cause 1 Mis-configuration in CCE.
Recommended Action 1 1. Check Device Target configuration. Although these are usually auto-generated when configuring dialer ports, sometimes these are inadvertently changed by well meaning individuals for what ever reason.

2. Verify the Dialer Ports are associated with the PG's Application User on the UCManager.

3. Check Network Settings on the network cards on the PG/Dialer boxes to make sure it is set to FULL DUPLEX.

Possible Cause 2 Performance related issues.
Recommended Action 2 1. Check PortThrottleCount on the Dialer registry to see if it is properly configured to 8 or less.

2. Verify EMSDisplayToScreen is set to the default value of 0. EMSDisplayToScreen can be enabled in lab situations, but for production environments this is a very expensive operation and cause extremely long delays in messaging.

Possible Cause 3 A known defect is seen when agents are doing warm transfers to CVP. When this occurs, the PIM logs will show the following trace.

pg1A-pim1 Trace: JTAPIClient::AssignCallToIdleLine: unable to allocate idle line. InstrumentNumber: <xxxxxx>

Recommended Action 3 Apply the appropriate ES or MR that contains the fix for CSCta15783 - Warm transfer to agent causes unknown line state
Release 7.5(1)
Associated CDETS # CSCta15783

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