Outbound Option - Custom Reporting: Linking Dialer Detail to Termination Call Detail

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Outbound Option - Custom Reporting: Linking Dialer Detail to Termination Call Detail

Problem Summary As a CCE Outbound Option administrator, you may want to map Dialer Detail records to Termination Call Detail records. The Dialer Detail contains the result disposition, and the Termination Call Detail record contains the time associated with the call.

The Dialer Detail and Termination Call Detail share a PeripheralCallKey for joins, but there is a one to many mapping when the call is transferred to the agent, and the agent then transfers or conferences elsewhere.

Error Message There is no specific error message associated with this issue.
Possible Cause Not Applicable.
Recommended Action First, all joins on PeripheralCallKey between DD and TCD should be based on PeripheralID and a DateTime range since Call IDs can repeat.

Then, if you want to grab all of the TCDs associated with dialer attempts, the TCD with the matching PeripheralCallKey and the lowest value ICRCallKey will map to the dialer attempt.

Beyond this, the CallResult in the Dialer Detail can give clues as to whether there will be more than one TCD. CallResults 10, 14, 21, 23, and 24 indicate the call was transferred to an agent, but really, only 10 indicates the call was successfully handled. The others indicate wrong number, requested call back, customer hung up right away.

So if you just want to capture the agent experience for Dialer calls transferred to agent, then it is the TCD that matches PeripheralCallKey with the lowest ICRCallKeyParent that IS NOT NULL.

If you want both, you could grab the top 2 TCDs with lowest ICRCallKey in an ordered grouping. When call isn't transferred to agent, there will be only one.

If you want to track calls that were transferred to IVR, and then routed back to agents, it requires tagging call variables with campaign and account info in the Transfer to IVR routing script. This gets easier in CCE 8.0(1) when all Dialer Detail records that are transferred to agent or IVR will contain a RouterCallKey and Day.

Release CCE 7.5(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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