Outbound Option - Configuration Problems: Purging campaigns over-night

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Purging campaigns overnight

Problem Summary Campaigns need to be purged overnight
Error Message
Possible Cause 1 Overwrite option not enabled for the import rule, but dialing list tables needs to be purged over night
Recommended Action 1

1) Use two import rules, ImportA and Import B. Following is the pre-conditions that has to be accomplished to make sure that the import table is purged overnight.

     a) ImportA and ImportB should have the same Target Table Name.
     b) The import definition for both the import rules must be similar.
     a) ImportA is the actual import rule which is tagged to a query rule and populates the dialing lists (with over-write not enabled)
     b) ImportB needs to be scheduled nightly to purge the target table, and no query rule needs to be associated with it.
     e) The Import file contents for the ImportB should be empty.

2) Following is the method to purge the dialing lists.

     a) In procmon there is a command bacmudl /queryrule [queryruleid]. This command will rebuild the dialing lists.
     b) This can be executed from command line as follows, procmon <instance name> LoggerA CampaignManager /if <input file>
        The input file needs to have the bacmudl command. (This complete command can be run as a daily cron job to rebuild the dialing list
        when required)

Use the above mentioned steps to purge the import table and rebuild the dialing lists nightly.

Release Release 7.5(1) and 8.0
Associated CDETS # None.

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