Outbound Option - Configuration Problems: Outbound Option Dialer Does Not Make Any Customer Calls

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Outbound Option Dialer Does Not Make Any Customer Calls

Problem Summary The Outbound Option Dialer does not make any customer calls, even though the campaign is enabled and records are available in the database.
Error Message N/A
Possible Cause 1
  • Agents are not logged in or not available
  • Administrative script was not set up using the Script Editor or was not scheduled to execute frequently enough
  • Skill group OutboundControl variable is set to inbound
Recommended Action 1 Make sure agents are logged in and are in the available state.

Examine the Campaign Manager and Outbound Option Dialer EMS logs to make sure that the Outbound Option Dialer has received the skillgroup variable information from the Campaign Manager. Without skillgroup variable information, the Outbound Option Dialer will not operate.

Check the active script and make sure that the OutboundControl variable has been set to an outbound mode. Also, make sure that the script has executed.

Possible Cause 2 Outbound Option Dialer and Campaign Manager computers are not synchronized
Recommended Action 2 The Outbound Option Dialer and Campaign Manager computers must have their clocks synchronized. If the time on both computers is not the same, it is possible that records sent to the Outbound Option Dialer will not be in a valid dialing range even though these records are in a valid dialing range on the Campaign Manager computer.
Possible Cause 3 Dialer ports are not registered.
Recommended Action 3 Verify that Dialer ports have been registered.
Possible Cause 4 Dialed number configuration issues.
Recommended Action 4 Verify that the Dialed Number for the skill group is configured on the MR PG, that the reservation script is assigned to the Dialed Number, and that the MR PG is configured to use VRU Type 2.
Possible Cause 5 Records have not been imported.
Recommended Action 5 Check Imprul10: Import Rule Report to determine whether or not records have been imported.
Release Release 7.5(1) and 8.0
Associated CDETS # None.

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