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This Deployment Guide has four chapters: Overview, Prerequisites, Installing, and Testing. The Deployment Guide is available in PDF form on GitHub.


About the Cisco OpenStack Installer Project

Release Schedule and Policies
Icehouse Release of Cisco OSI
Puppet and Cobbler Installation Automation Tools

OpenStack Components

Supported Components
Unsupported Components
Component Versions

OpenStack Deployment

Deployment Scenarios
Build Node
YAML Files and the Hiera Database
Facter Variables
Cobbler Configuration

IP Networks


System Requirements for Cisco OpenStack Installer

Supported Hardware and Software
Recommended Release Levels
Proxy Configurations
Minimum Server Requirements

Choosing a Deployment Scenario


Creating the Build Server

About Configuring an All-In-One Deployment
Creating the Build Node
Customizing the Build Server

Building the Control and Compute Nodes

About Building the Control and Compute Nodes
Building the Control and Compute Nodes Individually with Cobbler
Building the Control and Compute Nodes Individually With Puppet Agent
Building Multiple Control and Compute Nodes with Cobbler
Rerunning Puppet on the Build Node and Enabling Puppet to Run as an Agent


Verifying the Compute Instances

Using the Monitoring Interface

Creating a Network

Creating a Tenant Instance

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