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This article describes how to use the COI (Cisco OpenStack Installer) to setup a working OpenStack cluster, which utilizes Nexus ToR switches in VLAN mode.

Setting up the Nexus switch

The following items need to be considered before proceeding with the Cisco Nexus Plugin deployment on the OpenStack Grizzly release.

  • Your Nexus switch must be connected to a management network separate from the OpenStack data network. By default, we use the eth0 interface for this purpose. The plugin communicates with the switch over this network to set up your data flows.
  • The switch must have SSH login and XML API enabled.
  • Each compute host on the cloud should be connected to a port on the switch over a dedicated interface just for OpenStack data traffic. By default we use eth1 for this.
  • The link from the node running the DHCP agent (by default, this is the OpenStack control node) should be a trunk link trunking all VLANs used for OpenStack traffic.
  • Inter switch links should be trunk lings trunking all VLANs.


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