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Deployment Overview

The All-in-One method of deploying OpenStack will give the user a functional OpenStack environment with the current general deployment components based on the Cisco Edition model.  Currently, this deployment model includes:

  • Nova
  • Glance
  • Keystone
  • Quantum
  • Nova-Volume
  • Horizon

It does not include:

  • Cinder
  • Swift
  • Other incubation Projects

It does include a subset of non incubated but still useful tools:

  • Nagios
  • Collectd/Monitd

Deployment Prerequisites

You should already have a single machine on which to build your openstack environment, and it should have access to the public internet (though it is not a requirement for the public internet to have access to the machine).  This machine can be a physical system, or a virtual instance. You should have ~30GB of Free disk space, and you will likley want at least 4GB of RAM, though more is almost always better.  It is also a requirement currently that you run Ubuntu 12.04.01 though 32 or 64 bit should not make a difference (we've tested exclusively on 64 bit OSs).  It may also be possible to leverage Ubuntu Server 12.10 or a RedHat variant (RHEL/RHEV 6.3, Fedora 17, Centos 6.3), but these have not been tested.  As this system will use a single interface, the upstream network is not particularly critical, though it is certainly easier to work with the system if there is a consistent CIRD subnet IPv4 address block availalble.  IPv6 _should_ also function, but has not been tested in the current system.

  • x86 class server or virtual machine with >=4GB RAM, >=30GB disk
  • Ubunt Server 12.04.1 installed with OpenSsh-server installed
  • A single network interface, preferably with an open CIDR subnet attached (e.g.

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